Acuvue Define Contact Lenses

Acuvue Define Contact Lenses

Acuvue Define Contact Lenses​





Acuvue Define Lenses are daily disposable lenses designed to enhance the eye’s natural look. It accentuates the eye’s natural color by adding definition to the limbal ring.

The limbal ring is the dark line around the iris (colored part of the eye) which separates it from the sclera (white part of the eye). The eye-enhancing effect of Acuvue Define makes the eye look whiter, brighter and youthful.


What makes the limbal ring special?

Limbal rings are thickest during infancy and become less defined as we age—this makes the limbal ring a sign of youth and health. According to some observations, eyes with more prominent limbal rings appear more attractive.

One published research article was a study conducted by Darren Peshek and colleagues, where both male and female participants rated identical faces based on the presence and absence of limbal rings. The result of the research showed that both male and female participants, rated both male and female faces with dark and prominent limbal rings to be more attractive compared to faces with no limbal rings.


Acuvue Define Contact Lenses comes in 3 designs:




  1. Acuvue Define Sparkle: Recommended for light-colored iris (blue/green).

  2. Acuvue Natural Shimmer: Recommended for medium-colored iris (hazel/light brown).

  3. Acuvue Define Natural Shine: Recommended for dark-colored iris (brown/black).

These designs are inspired by the iris’ natural appearance, using varying amounts of shapes and opacity that is natural to the iris. They give a clear definition between the colored part of the eye and the white part of the eye. These designs enhance the natural color of the eye rather than change them, giving the eye a more natural and vibrant look.


Vision Correction

Acuvue Define contact Lenses are available for near- and farsighted correction prescriptions with the following power ranges: +1.00D to –0.50D (0.50D increments), –0.75D to –6.00D (0.25D increments), and –6.50D to –9.00D (0.50D increments). Plano lenses are also available for cosmetic purposes.





Acuvue Define Contact Lenses are made of etafilcon A, a hydrophilic material capable of absorbing water which makes the lenses soft and flexible. It has the same LACREON technology that ACUVUE MOIST lenses have. The moisture-rich LACREON technology helps contact lenses to stay moist for a longer period of time providing all-day comfort.

Just like every ACUVUE brand contact lenses, DEFINE lenses also have a built-in UV protection to help keep your eyes safe from the damaging effects of ultraviolet rays. They are also tinted to improve visibility which helps with handling the lenses.

Safety information for the use of 1-DAY ACUVUE DEFINE:

  1. Acuvue define lenses are available with and without correction. Consult an eye care professional before considering the use of contact lenses to determine your eligibility regardless of the purpose of use.​​​​​​​

  2. Discuss with your eye care professional about the proper wearing and use of your lenses. These are daily disposable lenses and are not supposed to be reused once removed from the eye.

  3. No cleaning or disinfection is required. Dispose your lenses upon removal.

  4. Be well-informed about the general precautions when wearing contact lenses. Know when not to use lenses, how to recognize a problem, what steps to take when a problem is recognized, and when to consult your eye care professional.




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