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Write for Eye care Blog | Advertise with us



Write for us is a way to advertise your practice or service on webeyeclinic.com. You can write as many articles that can help you to drive more traffic to your business. You can write articles about:

1- Your Practice and clinic.

2- Services available in your Practice.

3- Promotions and offers.

4- Eye diseases and treatments.

5- Optical shops and offers.

6- Ophthalmology news.

7- Ophthalmology related surgical tools and instruments. (New and Used).

8- Eye care products from eye drops, contact lenses, eyeglasses and other products related to the eye.

9- Ophthalmology related teaching materials and courses. (For patients and Professionals).


Guidelines for article submission:

1- Copyright. The article you publish must be exclusive and unique to the webeyeclinic.com. That means the article should not have been published anywhere else in the past and should not be published anywhere else in the future.

2- At this moment, we only accept articles in English.

3- Article Length. We believe, for good and well informative article, article length should be minimum 500+ words and free of grammatical and spelling errors.

4- You can upload images (Maximum of 4 images) with description. Another image about the author can be uploaded (Optional) in the author bio.

5- You can add upto 2 videos.

6- Links and Author Bio. One nofollow link is allowed in the author bio. Your author bio should be 200 words, explaining who you are and what you do and should be placed at the end of your article. You may include up to two nofollow links back to your website, blog, practice or service within the blog post.

7- Contact details and address can be add either in the author bio or profile or both.

8- Webeyeclinic.com has the right to reject any article. In some case, small changes to the content and formatting of the article can be made (after author approval) but no wholesale changes.

9- Once your article is approved, an email will be sent to you with a link to the article.


We only accept articles from:

1- Ophthalmologist.

2- Optometrists.

3- Optical Shops.

4- Pharmacists.

5- Eye care Products providers.

6- Eye care products stores.


How much does it cost ?

30 USD per article per year which includes:

1- Two approved Links

2- Free SEO improvements of the article to make it search engine friendly and rank higher in Google, yahoo and Bing.

3- Free sharing with our followers world wide through Email Marketing and multiple social Platforms.


For Further information please contact us at contact@webeyeclinic.com



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