Acuvue Oasys with Transitions

acuvue oasys with transitions

Acuvue Oasys with Transitions




Acuvue oasys with transitions are the first contact lenses with the ability to adapt to changing light conditions automatically to provide a clear vision under different levels of light.


Features of Acuvue oasys transitions


1- Soft and hydrophilic contact lenses.

2- Silicone hydrogel material (senofilcon A) with Hydraclear plus Technology which act as an embedded wetting agent in the lens to keep your eye moist all the day.

3- Benzotriazole UV absorbing monomer to block UV lights. These lenses block 100% of UVB range of 280 nm to 315 nm and 99% UVA range of 316 nm to 380 nm.

4- Transitions Light Intelligent Technology which is Naphthopyran monomer or the photochromic additive which are mixed into the soft hydrogel material of the lens. When these photochromic additives are exposed to the light, they are activated and darken the lens to block up to 70% of visible light.

5- At full activation they get darker but won’t change the natural color of the eye, thus minimizing cosmetic changes.

6- When your eyes are exposed to the light, the lenses fully darken in around 45 seconds and they need about 90 seconds or less to clear again.

7- They are available in six packs with two-week replacements.



The advantages of Acuvue Oasys with Transitions


• The lenses reduce the intensity of starbursts at night and provide clear and sharp night vision.

• They help your eyes adapt to bright light and decrease the stress and squint for the eyes which are sensitive to bright light.

• They offer the highest level of protection against UV.

• They adapt your eyes to different lighting conditions indoors and outdoors.



Who are these contacts for?

1- People who complain of photophobia or light sensitivity such as those with dry eye syndrome or migraines. Those people immediately started squinting when they go outside on a bright day. These lenses reduce discomfort to bright light by up to 32%.

2- Patients with problems in night driving.

3- Improve chromatic or color contrast which can be very important for Athletes and people who are interested in sport.

4- Computer users. These lenses filter out blue lights which can help to reduce eye strain and headache.


Do they replace sunglasses?

Sunglasses block UV radiation to the eye and the skin around it while Acuvue Oasys with Transitions lenses protect only the eye. These contact lenses don’t offer polarization, which reduces the glare and halos around light especially at night.



Parameters of Acuvue Oasys with Transitions


Base curve: 8.4-mm

Diameter: 14.0-mm

Power Ranges: –12.00 D to +8.00 D (0.25 D steps)

Water content: 38%




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